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Important Tips on Car Decal.

Car decals are special stickers applied on the windows or body of the car to improve its aesthetic appearance. The following measures will aid you in applying and taking care decal applied to your car.
Choosing a suitable spot for applying the decal on your car is the first thing you need to do. It is advisable to clean the spot you have chosen to avoid applying the decal on dirt. Decal application is quite a delicate process that needs to be done carefully by first peeling a third of the decal from the sticker, stick it on the clean surface and then peel back as you carefully attach the rest of the decal on the clean surface. To prevent the formation of air bubbles, use a squeegee to press the decal as you apply it. A smooth and neat finish is guaranteed when you use a squeegee.
As you wash your car it is also recommended that you clean the decal to avoid the buildup of dirt around the edges of the decal. A soft or mild cleaner operated by hand should be used for the cleaning of the decal or sticker in order to avoid causing any damage to the decal. Make an assessment of a new cleaner you want to use on decal by testing it with a small part of the decal so as to see if it causes any form of damage on the decal. Decal easily peels off when subjected to high pressure washers. Safety measures such as using a lower pressure of the jet used to clean the the decal, washing with the nozzle at an angle of ninety degrees and maintaining some distance between the decal and the pressure nozzle can prevent any damage to the decal from the pressure washer.
Other than subjecting the decal to washing, you also need to take appropriate measures to maintain the condition of the decal. One of the ways you can maintain the condition of the decal or stickers is by applying polish made specifically for keeping it new. If you use too much force during application of the decal would damage the edges and cause it to peel off. It is recommended that you park your car under the shade or in a garage as the sun may bleach the decal or cause it to peel due to overheating.
For permanent removal of the decal from your car, use heat or a sharp blade. For heat removal, blow hot air from a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive from the sticker and rub it off with a plastic card. The sharp edge of the blade will aid you in cutting off the decal and removing it from your car. The adhesive left behind can be removed by applying an adhesive remover and rubbing it off with a cloth.

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