Details About Fleet Management Requirements

In the US, all diesel-fueled trucks that are one-quarter ton or larger are regulated under federal laws. The trucks require diesel exhaust fluids to operate properly and convert dangerous gases to water vapor. Reviewing details about fleet management requirements helps owners avoid penalties due to non-compliance with the law.

How Often Does the Truck Need the Fluid?

The diesel-fueled trucks require 2.5 gallons of the diesel exhaust fluid added after the truck travels 800 miles. The distance that the truck owner travels determines how frequently the fluid is needed. The owner must keep track of their mileage to comply with federal laws.

How is the Fluid Stored?

The truck owners must use storage containers that keep the fluid at an appropriate temperature at all times. Extreme temperature changes damage the fluid and make it unusable. The right storage containers can be placed outside, but the truck owners must evaluate the containers and their insulation levels.

Can the Drivers Store the Fluids on the Truck?

Containers are available through supplies to accommodate diesel exhaust fluid requirements. The truck owners store the fluids on the trucks but the fluids must be connected securely. The fluid cannot leak from the containers as they may present some health and environment risks. The containers must protect the fluid from potential damage throughout the driver’s travels. Some tanks and containers provide pumps to make it easier to add fluid as needed.

What are the Repercussions of Failing to Use the Fluid?

According to federal regulations, the truck owners must comply with diesel exhaust fluid laws or face penalties. The violations are often discovered during annual vehicle inspections. Greenhouse gas emissions are evaluated during the inspections. If the vehicle fails the inspections, the owner cannot drive it until the issue is resolved.

In the US, all one-quarter ton or larger trucks require specific exhaust fluid to reduce dangerous gas emissions. Federal laws require truck owners to use the diesel exhaust fluid for their vehicle to prevent violations. The regulation explains the quantity of the fluid that is required and when more should be added. Truck owners who want to learn more about using the fluids properly contact a supplier now.

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