Finding Higher-Income Accounting and Finance Jobs in Milwaukee Through a Recruiting Agency

Accountants who believe they are not being paid what they are worth may want to register with a recruiting agency. An agency that focuses on the types of positions accountants are interested in generally achieves optimum results. For accounting and finance jobs Milwaukee has recruiting firms that match corporate clients with qualified candidates.

Accountant Salary Data

Entry-level accountants know they’ll need to start at the lower end of the salary scale. With several years of experience, they should be moving up to a significantly higher income level. The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the median hourly pay for accountants at about $33 per hour, translating to about $69,000 per year. Only those in the lowest 10th percentile are making less than $43,000 annually.

The median salary is pulled down partially by accountants working for government agencies, which tend to pay these workers less than they would make in the private sector. The exception is the federal government, where accountants and auditors earn about $98,000 per year on average.

Employment Outlook

Although much of the strong job growth in the U.S. economy is associated with low-paying retail and other service-type jobs, the field of accounting remains strong too. The BLS sees the employment growth outlook in this occupation as being favorable through at least 2026. Around 140,000 jobs are expected to be added in this occupational sector during those years.

Employees also are always needed to fill positions after a worker retires. With all baby boomers at the age of 55 and older by the end of 2019, many job openings are expected.

Registering With a Recruiting Firm

Accountants who have been working in this career for several years and want to earn more money may register with a recruiting firm such as Accounting Career Consultants. In addition to seeking a higher income, they might be looking for a new opportunity in a different type of business or may even be ready to relocate. Someone working in a small town far from an urban area may like the idea of moving to Milwaukee, where salaries typically are higher and there also are many more leisure activities available.

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